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Title:CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Title: International Critical Tables of numerical data, physics, chemistry and technology .

Thermodex - An Index of Selected Thermodynamic and Physical Property Resources (University of Texas at Autsin)
Note: Does not contain actual data. "Full records include title, a brief abstract explaining the work's scope and arrangement, the properties included, types of compounds included, as well as publisher and date." (Mallet Chemistry Library, University of Texas at Austin)



Title: Dictionary of geophysics, astrophysics, and astronomy.
Editor: Matzner, Richard A.

Title: Dictionary of material science and high energy physics
Editor:Basu, Dipak.

Title: A dictionary of named effects and laws in chemistry,physics, and mathematics.
Author: Ballentyne, D. W. G. (Denis William George)
Added author: Lovett, D. R.

Title: A dictionary of physics. 4th ed.
Editior: Isaacs, Alan.

Title: Dictionary of physics : in four languages, Russian, English, German, and French.
Author: Rydnik, Vitali*i Isaakovich.
Compiled by V.J.[i.e. V.I.] Rydnik, E.A. Sviridenkov, and N.D. Voropaev.

Title: Dictionary of pure and applied physics.
Editor: Basu, Dipak.

Title: The Facts on File dictionary of physics.
Editor: Daintith, John.


Title: Concise encyclopedia of solid state physics
Editor: Lerner, Rita G. and Trigg, George L.

Title: Encyclopedia of chemical physics and physical chemistry.
Editors: Moore, John H. and Spencer, Nicholas D.

Title: Encyclopedia of modern physics.
Editor: Meyers, Robert A. (Robert Allen) and Shore, Steven N.

Title: Encyclopedia of physics.
Editor: Lerner, Rita G. and Trigg, George L.

Title: The Encyclopedia of physics. 3rd ed.
Editor: Besan*con, Robert M.

Title: Macmillan encyclopedia of physics.
Editor: Rigden, John S.

Title: Physics in medicine & biology encyclopedia : medical physics, bioengineering and biophysics.
Editor: McAinsh, T. F.


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