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 Professor at the Kavli Institute of NanoScience, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Provides comprehensive lists of current research projects, publications, a CV and personal info. Dekker, Cees 1
 Site contains links related to band structure calculations, and Streltsov's publication list. Streltsov, Sergey 2
 Professor at Ben-Gurion University. Theoretical research in quantum chaos and mesoscopic physics, in particular study of driven systems, quantum pumping, dephasing and dissipation Cohen, Doron 3
 Nobel laureate (2001). Contains Ketterle's biography, list of publications, interviews and photos Ketterle, Wolfgang 4
 Theoretical research on quantum phase transitions and their application to correlated electron materials like the high temperature superconductors and other complex oxides. Sachdev, Subir 5
 Professor at the Department of Physics, Columbia University. Includes a profile of Aleiner's work in condensed matter theory, including a list of selected publications. Aleiner, Igor
 Nobel laureate (1998). Stormer's website at Columbia University provides information about his research, teaching, and publications. Stormer, Horst
 Professor at the University of Colorado. Research interests include soft-condensed matter, superconductivity, quantum Hall effect, magnetism and general questions that arise in condensed matter systems, especially fluctuation phenomena, disorder, and phase transitions. Radzihovsky, Leo
 Home page at the physics department of the university of Toronto, including research descriptions, CV, informative links, and positions available. Thywissen, Joseph H.
 Research associate at Michigan State University. Pershin's webpage informs about his research interests, publications, and teaching. Pershin, Yuriy V.
 Physicist at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Parrondo, Juan M. R.
 Theoretical physics research on strong correlation and quantum effects in condensed matter systems, including magnetism, superconductivity, nanoelectronics in specific structures and general conceptual problems in the field. Balents, Leon 12
 Simulation of glasses and amorphous materials with links to current research on amorphous materials and electronic structure calculations. Drabold, David
 Research fellow in condensed matter theory at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Research interests include superconductivity and ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices. Quintanilla, Jorge 14
 Interactions of low-energy particles with thin organic layers. Postawa, Zbigniew 15
 Research on topics in theoretical condensed matter physics, including ultracold atom-surface scattering and quantum sticking, Jahn-Teller effects in molecules, clusters and solids, and properties of fullerenes and nanotubes. Clougherty, Dennis P.
 Lecturer at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées, working on thermodynamics of polymer systems and molecular simulation of electrolyte solutions. Paricaud, Patrice
 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Werheit, Semiconductor and solid state properties of boron and boron-rich solids Werheit, Helmut
 Research on Conjugated Organic Materials for novel opto-electronic devices. Koch, Norbert
 Institute of Physics of the Pedagogical University of Czestochowa, Poland. Interests: luminescence, thermoluminescence, optically stimulated luminescence, Monte Carlo methods, trapping, recombination, traps, spatially correlated systems. Mandowski, Arkadiusz 20
 Application of modern mathematical methods (continual integration, renormalization group, bosonization, group theory, methods of topology) to actual problems of physics of strongly-correlated electron systems. Investigations of magnetism of strongly-correlated electron systems. Katanin, Andrey A. 21
 Boris Nadgorny's Research Group at Wayne State University, Physics and Astronomy Department Nadgorny, Boris22
 Professor at the University of Minnesota, doing theoretical research in Mesoscopic and Low-Dimensional Interacting Electron Systems. Glazman, Leonid
 Fellow of the Princeton Center for Complex Materials. Prodan, Emil
 Georgetown University, Department of Physics. Research interests include nanoscale electronics and nonequilibrium and nonlinear response work. Freericks, Jim 25
 Researcher at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), ETSEQ DEQ. Conception and design of polymer drug carriers in form of block copolymer micelles, polysoaps, anion-cation complexes, hydrogels, nano-containers, vesicles etc. Drug delivery and controlled release. Research on water soluble polymers, liquid crystals, star polymers, spatial orientation of microtubules. Baulin, Vladimir 26
 Teaching and research in Soft Condensed Matterat LDFC-CNRS: physics of polymers, surfactants, colloids and other complex fluids. Marques, Carlos 27
 School of Physical Sciences, Kent, UK. Interests are nano-science, study of liquids in confined geometry and at surfaces, characterisation of porous materials such as porous silica/rocks/clays/sediments, gas hydrates/clathrates. NMR relaxation, NMR cryoporometry, NMR diffusion, neutron diffraction (NS, SANS), thermoporosimetry. Webber, Beau
 University of Padova. Research topic: Wetting on geometrically wedged substrates and nanofriction. Publications in the fields of nanofriction (QCM technique) and wetting on structured substrates (torsional oscillator method). Carlin, Alessandro 29
 Physicist in the condensed matter theory group at the Saarland University (Saarbrücken/Germany). Raas, Carsten 30
 Physicist and theoretical physical chemist. Research interests, in the area of soft condensed matter physics, and publications list McBride, Carl 31
 Faculty research associate at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University. Dr. Mamaluy works on quantum transport simulations in nanostructures. Mamaluy, Denis 32
 It describes my research project involving liquid crystals, carbon nanotubes, and ferroelectric polymers. Also, has my CV and useful research links. Hemang Shah
 Postdoc at the University of California-San Diego. Research topics include the magnetocaloric effect, magnetic nanostructured materials, spin injection. Casanova, Felix
 Universitat de les Illes Balears. Research interests: Semiconductor Superlattices; Quantum Dots; Spintronics; Many-body Theory. Publication downloads. Sanchez, David
 Describes his life, family, and work in physics. His research in condensed matter physics deals with quantum spin systems and organic superconductors Haraldsen, Jason 36
 Director of Research, Formation Inc. Scientific Research and Development. Interests include High Temperature Superconductivity and Energy Conversion Technology. Elifritz, Thomas Lee 37
 Research interests and results in the fields of nanomaterials and nanoparticles. Potty, Sankara N. 38
 Researcher in the Louis Néel Laboratory, belonging to the CNRS site of Grenoble, France. Research interests: Kondo lattice systems; High dimensionnal spin liquid; Mesoscopic systems; Small magnetic systems; Self Organized critical systems; Magnetism in quasi-crystals; Molecular magnetism. Canals, Benjamin 39

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